The choice to shop for pepper spray, every now and then known as OC spray, is an vital decision because it affects you and your family’s safety. It isn’t always a selection to take lightly. With all the one of a kind brands in the marketplace nowadays, it’s miles sometimes tough to decide which logo to pick.

prior to shopping for OC spray, one have to perform an in depth pepper spray evaluation via gaining knowledge of online as well as offline with others that have purchased within the past. For this text, we’ve listed out a sample of important questions you should be asking whilst shopping for OC spray. those questions are primarily based on our a few years of enjoy – we often get those same questions from our clients.

How do I determine what is the pleasant pepper spray to buy?

almost talking, the electricity of defense spray is measured by it energy (warmth) in addition to the time it takes for it to react (referred to as preventing power). self defense products these elements are vital for the following motives – in case you discharge your protection spray and it’s miles extremely hot, however takes 5 seconds or more for the assailant to react to it, the OC spray is rendered useless as it will now not have an effect on the assailant within the time wished. If on the other hand, the assailant reacts very quickly to the defense spray, but the OC spray does no longer have a sturdy warmth content material, the cease end result can be the equal. it’s far really not effective. The first-rate pepper spray is one which is both warm and elicits a brief response. primarily based on research that we have finished, we consider that Fox Labs Pepper Spray has the strongest warmness content material at five.3 million SHU’s as well as preventing energy of two seconds or much less.

Are there any laws which could affect my purchase?

OC spray is felony in all 50 states, however in some states, there are sure restrictions which includes the size of the canister, whether or not the canister has a protection pinnacle as well as age restrictions. there are numerous solid informational web sites that you can review to better recognize pepper spray laws, including

What emblem should I choose?

based totally on our lengthy records of promoting protection spray to both civilians and regulation enforcement agencies, we’ve obtained a considerable amount of remarks regarding the fundamental manufacturers including SABRE red, protection technologies, Mace and Fox Labs. there is absolute confidence that every one of these important manufacturers are true products, however over the years, it’s far clean to us that only any such manufacturers continually receives sparkling pepper spray evaluations over the rest – Fox Labs. clients always inform us that Fox OC spray is the hottest pepper spray that they have got used and that its preventing electricity is the quickest. further, many law enforcement officials have advised us infinite instances that once they perform their annual OC education, they transfer out their issued Fox Pepper Spray for some other brand in order that they do not must experience the extreme ache of Fox.

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